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#7: Long-time, Zero Come across = Ohisashiburi Desu ???????

#7: Long-time, Zero Come across = Ohisashiburi Desu ???????

  • Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu ????????????? (even more certified)
  • Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ?????????? (formal)
  • Dozo yoroshiku ??????? (less certified)
  • Yoroshiku ???? (casual)


Dozo is actually obvious doh-zoh. Make sure you extend the first «oh» voice a little while (you will find this has the new range more than it to point this).

Yoroshiku is also obvious rather just: yoh-roh-shee-koo. Observe that the fresh «r» voice from inside the Japanese is very different from the brand new English «roentgen.» It’s similar to a mixture anywhere between an enthusiastic «roentgen,» «l,» and you will «d» (similar to how Americans pronounce the fresh new «d» voice in the «ladder» or even the «t» voice inside the «better»).


  • This is a go-so you’re able to phrase to possess Japanese anybody, because suits many different types of points. It is a sincere (and you will questioned) cure for thank somebody beforehand and target anybody you keeps merely fulfilled («Nice to satisfy you»).
  • It’s prominent to state this statement when you find yourself bowing (formal) or offering a head nod and you can a grin (shorter authoritative), particularly when fulfilling someone for the first time.

The fresh new enjoy ohisashiburi desu ??????? is the greatest interpreted because «Long time, no pick!» It is also translated because «This has been a while.» This is the words you use when you haven’t seen anybody inside lengthy; you simply cannot utilize it when appointment some one the very first time.

You’ll find different methods to say which statement according to the amount of foregone conclusion you want to play with. Ohisashiburi desu ‘s the official variation. Although not, you could potentially reduce which so you can hisashiburi ???? if the condition try casual (age.g., you’re speaking with a pal or relative).


Ohisashiburi desu is obvious oh-hee-sah-shee-boo-ree-dess. Remember that the last «u» in desu is quite soft-so much in fact that one can essentially miss it entirely. Just remember that , the japanese «r» voice is not for instance the English «r» that will be indeed so much more directly regarding the latest «d» sound on the term «ladder» (simply speaking, it’s a mix ranging from a good «d,» «roentgen,» and you will «l» sound).


  • Most people are the suffix ne ? to your prevent out-of which desired; this can be just like requesting an indication of contract (for instance the English «you realize?» or «isn’t they?»). You could potentially state ohisashiburi desu ne ???????? (formal) or hisashiburi ne ????? (casual).

#8: Goodbye = Sayonara ????? or Shitsureishimasu ?????

You have probably heard the initial of the two sentences, but did you know that it is not always compatible to use sayonara ?????-although you indicate to state so long?

The fact is, sayonara ensures that you will be making for some time otherwise will never be enjoying whomever you might be saying so long in order to for a while (or even ever again). You can consider it a lot like the new English sugarbook platinum phrase farewell in this it’s quite remarkable and you will theatrical. Consequently, it is far from indeed made use of all that tend to in the informal Japanese discussion.

By comparison, shitsureishimasu ????? try an even more authoritative (and you will preferred) technique for stating goodbye. It’s utilized in metropolises such as for example universities, organizations, healthcare facilities, an such like. There’s absolutely no implication here that you will never getting enjoying this new people once again for a long period. This phrase practically translates to «I am going to be impolite» otherwise «Excuse me for being impolite.»


Sayonara is actually noticable sah-yoh-nah-rah. Once again, do not pronounce the brand new «r» because you would a keen English «r» but rather as you perform the «d» voice throughout the term «hierarchy.» Make sure to plus worry this new «o» voice, since this is elongated.

Shitsureishimasu are noticable sheet-soo-ray-shee-moss. As previously mentioned above, do not pronounce this new «r» sound as you create an English «roentgen.» It’s also possible to drop the last «u» voice, since this is really flaccid (that it tunes a lot more like «moss,» not «moss-oo»).

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