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Azazel and you will Rias’ relationship is not clear, nevertheless they appear to have a casual reference to both

Azazel and you will Rias’ relationship is not clear, nevertheless they appear to have a casual reference to both

Xenovia is actually Rias’ previous second Knight. To start with towards the opposite sides when they first found, Xenovia warned Rias along with her servants one she will hit him or her off as long as they interfere with the woman goal. Even though they was able to create a common alliance once they experienced a common enemy in the way of Kokabiel. Xenovia at some point inserted Rias’ peerage but considered whether she made a beneficial error. She’s today a loyal and you will trustworthy slave as well as close friend of Rias however, she takes into account their because a relationship rival given that she first started wanting to has Issei’s students and very quickly set-up close thinking having Issei just like the collection progresses.

Irina Shidou

Irina is not a member of Rias’ peerage it is area of one’s Angel’s affiliate of the Allied Pushes and is a great member of Michael’s Fearless Saints. Such as for places to hookup in Sunnyvale instance Xenovia, Irina has also been to begin with thought to be a possible enemy against Rias however, had little to no animosity into the Demon. Irina have perhaps bared an effective grudge when Xenovia had inserted the lady nevertheless these thoughts was in fact in the near future went following the comfort pact and you can training the reason why Xenovia left. Now the latest they both collectively consider both friends however, Rias also notices Irina because a competition because the she actually is Issei’s young people buddy that got an excellent smash into Issei since they certainly were absolutely nothing, and now intimately crazy about him. Shortly after addressing Irina regarding the the girl young people having Issei, the 2 become nearer, once the Rias no more address Irina having an enthusiastic honorific.

Gasper Vladi

Rias’ basic Bishop. Once the their energies were volatile prior to the collection, he had been close regarding the Academy of the Rias, and you will was not seen once again until Volume cuatro of white books. Rias cares for Gasper eg a small sister, taking aggravated at the Khaos Brigade to have kidnapping and ultizing him since a hack for the comfort pact between the Around three Groups. Rias is proven to help their need to cut their teens pal Valerie Tepes, once the she went to Romania herself in order to discover brand new sources out of Gasper’s mystical efforts and also the condition in regards to on the Civil Battle one of the vampires. Gasper sees Rias because the a mature aunt kind of contour possesses began writing on her because therefore after she graduated and you may are not the brand new pub president.


Rossweisse is actually Rias’ previous 2nd Rook who’s very devoted so you’re able to the girl. The was in fact already partners a bit ahead of she became Rias’ slave however their matchmaking only really started when Rias displayed the lady good bargain discussing how much a reincarnated Demon carry out earn advantages she would located. This struck a specific wire to the Rossweisse that appealed so you can this lady monetary eccentricity. She is including a love rival given that she fell in love with Issei inside the Regularity 17, when she questioned Rias’ consent to own Issei to behave once the the woman date facing the woman granny, Rias anticipate they not unwillingly. Rias shows great rely upon Rossweisse’s performance, so much in fact one to she thought it had been best to transfer the lady to help you Issei’s peerage.

Ravel Phenex

She actually is Riser’s younger sibling, and now have another opponent to possess Issei’s love whenever she moved within the that have your into the Frequency ten of your light novels. She cannot attention as long as she’s which have him. Both are quite romantic once the viewed when they prepared a rematch anywhere between Rias’ and you will Riser’s peerages more than tea.


However, Rias will get upset from the Azazel of course, if the guy uses Issei because a keen fresh topic or gives him suggestions to get rid of their virginity, but do seem to continue to have good connection with your.

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